Interactive exhibits

Scientific Center

Training modules

Scientific center has a number of main scientific units that provide an ideal environment for the teacher and the learner to gain experience and skills according to STEM methodology. As follow:

Medical and Nanotechnology Industries Unit.

  • Unit of Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences.
  • Android module.
  • Computer and Information Technology Unit.
  • Physics, Electronics and Communications Unit.
  • Space and Aviation Science Unit.
  • Mathematics and Engineering Unit.

Interactive exhibits

The interactive exhibits are a great supporter of the scientific trends of the youth through the scientific visits of students to practice the concept of learning by entertainment. They are a major supporter of building the scientific trend and understanding the scientific concepts and theories in entertaining and exciting ways that allow interaction with the scientific exhibits by practicing and interacting whether for science and technology Or the methodological sciences that boys and girls students learn in the course of their studies to understand them in a simple and interesting way, taking into account the stages of growth.

The activity of these halls is focused on visits and the possibility of viewing, practice and exploration, and contains a number of halls for scientific exhibits such as:

Hall of Islamic inventions:

In this hall Lightening on the efforts of Muslims and their impact in the scientific renaissance through the presentation of inventions and discoveries that highlight the contributions of Muslims in the old and modern advances in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

Energy and Oil Hall:

There are many sources of energy around us and these sources meet in the energy hall of the scientific center where the visitor interacts with all his senses with the exhibits to identify the energy sources and transformations.

Physical Applications Hall:

It intrigues the visitor to answer his question: How do things work?

Enabling learning in a self-motivating way. The hall includes the applications of theories and physical laws in everyday life in ways that are very fun and innovative.

Technical Hall:

This era witnessed a tremendous and rapid development in technology in terms of communications and computers. In this hall, the concepts on which computer technology, communication and remote control are based are being simplified and their impact on the development of industry and innovation.

Hall of Life science:

In this hall lightning on living organisms in general and humans are highlighted in particular in terms of form and composition, as well as health, safety and the environment.

Hall of the earth and the universe

Define the visitor on space and the universe to live a unique experience of pleasure, reflection and recognition of satellites and spacecraft.

The planetarium

A dome of scientific presentations, three-dimensional and four-dimensional displays through which scientific films on natural phenomena and scientific facts, in addition to space presentations.

Astronomical Observatory

The Astronomical Observatory is one of the landmarks of the scientific center where astronomical phenomena are studied and monitored.

Children’s Hall

An integrated children’s room where the skills of scientific thinking are carried out according to the methods of early education, as well as intelligence games, science fiction, scientific installations, scientific tricks, etc. under the supervision of educational specialists according to specialized curricula.

Learning resources

The electronic library contains electronic sources of learning (electronic books, pictures and films), which is a scientific reference for the pioneers of the science center

The library also allows visitors to contact electronic libraries and sources of local and international databases.

Theater and 3D theater

The theater is one of the important facilities for the operation of the scientific center through the holding of conferences and scientific presentations, cultural meetings and scientific student festivals and be activated throughout the year.

Multi-purpose hall and public services

Science center has a gymnasium (triathlon), a recreation hall and an integrated sports health club for the study of movement science through specialized laboratories supervised by specialized trainers, which are frequented by students, teachers and members of the society according to the membership system, and can be used for exhibitions and various events.

Public services include (chapel, parking, warehouse, maintenance, cafe, and restaurant) as well as services and facilities outside the building.