About project

The scientific centers are one of the strategic projects in the Ministry of Education and in cooperation with the Tatweer project and the implementation of Tatweer Educational Services Company, which is a network of scientific centers spread throughout the Kingdom’s cities. The model developed by Tatweer of its scientific centers is a unique international model whichCertified  by specialized organizations, Link formal education with informal education through learning within the STEM methodology, Which supports the educational process and inspires young minds, as the scientific centers have specialized scientific content built according to the  science internaltional standards.

The scientific centers also aim to create educational environments for all members of the society through which to spread the scientific litracy  and raise the scientific and technical level and promote the positive trend towards learning science through methods, practices and applications that contribute to transforming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a knowledge-based society, benefiting the general students In various stages of public education, In addition to the talents and scientific tendencies and the employees of education teachers and supervisors and various segments of society.

The scientific centers are designed according to the latest studies and researches in the field of engineering designs. They are equipped with the latest equipment and interactive exhibits in accordance with the technologies of the age. In addition there are several scientific centers and special halls for training and conducting scientific applications supervised by highly qualified teachers who are familiar with the developed curricula to embrace talented and innovators. And support to meet their needs, and we note that a number of csientitific centers will be opened during the next phase.

The Vision:

A network of leading scientific centers embracing scientific and creative thinking in attractive learning environments that contribute to transforming Saudi Arabia into a knowledge-based society.

The mission:

Educate and inspire young minds, support the teacher and spread awareness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics


All boys and girls students in various stages of public education, and with talents and scientific tendencies, of teachers, supervisors and various segments of society.


  • Enhancing community awareness of the achievements of Islamic civilization and its contributions to the fields of science.
  • Dissemination of scientific culture and raising the scientific and technical level in society.
  • Contribute to the development of teaching and learning methods and practices towards practical applications.
  • Developing scientific thinking among students to contribute in renaissance and scientific leadership in the Kingdom.
  • Contribute to the promotion of the positive trend towards science, mathematics, technology and engineering learning.
  • Enhance the imagination, creativity and scientific curiosity of the students.
  • Achieve global communication in the field of science and technology to keep up with the latest scientific and technical developments.
  • Create an educational environment to invest the energies of students and students to serve their future and their homeland.
  • Raising the professional competence of mails and females teachers in scientific and technical fields.

Working hours in scientific centers:

  • The allocation of days for boys and girls days alternately and distribute time to achieve the budget and justice.
  • Work in scientific centers is six days a week.
  • Working hours at thescientific center will be two periods from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm

Time period for target groups:

The morning period is reserved students of public education schools, delegations and guests of the educational administration.

The evening period is allocated to members of the scientific centers of students, male and female  teachers.

Time is allocated for parents and those interested in science to visit scientific centers.